X Who is The Kelly Gang?
A description of The Kelly Gang, and what our core principles are

Core PvP Principles

PvP starts when you log into the game and stops when you log out

• If you are engaged with a mob, you are a legitimate target - you knew we were in the zone, if you didn't want to get attacked while fighting mobs you should have found us first.

• If you are crafting, you are a legitimate target - you're engaged in an activity that makes you a stronger competitor, we're interfering with that process.

• If you are afk, you are a legitimate target - log off next time.

If you want to stop getting attacked, leave the area.

• Part of PVP is zone control. We will kill you until you get the message. Don't just think you can res up and go back to what you were doing. We will kill you at the altar if necessary to get that message across. That's why you have a release to bind.

A tough fight is a fun fight.

• PVP is at its best when the fight is close. Killing newbies, camping zone-in points and banks are not our style. Not to say it won't happen on occasion (eg we need a spawn and newbies in the way, or we're exceedingly bored), but it will be the exception not the rule.

• If there's no risk of losing, there's no adrenaline rush in the fight. If there's no risk of winning, we'll fight guerilla style, but we love to put it on the line .. and whilst trashtalk is all good fun - we enjoy sending props to good opponents.

We back up our members, except when they're stupid.

• If a TKG member is getting griefed and people are available, backup will be on the way.

• If you get into trouble through stupidity, don't expect the cavalry .. expect advice and some laughter.

• Don't cry, get even.

We don't exploit.

• If you win via exploit, you lose. Members who exploit bring down the guild tag, and won't remain members very long.

Core PvE Principles

The Guild comes first.

• When the shit hits the fan in PVP, it's your guildmates who cover your back. Their gear, their levels... come from the PVE you do with them. TKG almost exclusively runs in guild groups. If a group has non-guildees and a member is LFG, the non-guildees get booted.

• We run a "helps-you helps-me" system. It's not a set in stone requirement, but we look to foster a very healthy level of hand-me-downs and help-outs between guildmembers when it comes to gear.

• TKG runs largely like an extended static group. We nominate guild focus areas set goals in those areas, and work together to make sure everyone hits the goals.

• Guild crafters generally craft for free. The quid-pro-quo is that they need to get fed by harvesters, and when they need to do something with a pve element (eg crafting quests), the backup is made available.

Raiding is required.

• End-game PVP is where the fun is at, and in most MMO's raiding is required to get it. Whilst raiding is not our first priority, it gets done to keep us competitive. That said, raid mobs always taste sweeter when there's a bunch of enemy corpses watching you get the kill.

Expectations of Members

The below is expected of our members

• Live on the voice server when in-game.

• Monitor the Forums actively - get involved, and stay in touch with guild planning.

• Feel free to flame on message boards, just make sure the guild knows so we can join in too.

• Remember that just as you have an expectation that you'll get invited to guild groups, they have an expectation you'll be worth inviting.



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